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13 Jan 2024


9:45 - 12:45

Communication skills and stress management (Workshop for international women)

When you leave your home country to start a new life in a new culture that has a different language, values and many other things that characterise your home environment, it is perfectly normal if you start reflecting on who you really are, what you want and to start questioning things, both what is happening around you and within you. This course is ideal for women with this kind of background. By understanding yourself better, you gain greater control over your own behaviour, thoughts and emotions. Why do you do what you do? Why do you act and react in a certain way? How does stress affect you? These are questions that will be covered in the workshops.
Following dates: January 27th, February 10th, February 24th
These workshops are offered in English. Since the four dates of the workshop build on each other, it makes sense to attend all dates.
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