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29 Jun 2023


17:00 - 19:00

International Women’s Café and Talk „Unravelling the Idea of Home“ with Khushboo Jain

Come round, meet new girls in town and attend the talk of Khushboo Jain:

Home! Safe haven for some, torturous terrain for another.
A site of oppression for some, resistance for another.
Family! Of birth, of choosing, yet, some want it abolished.
Multiple terrains. Myriad possibilities.

Diving into a deeply introspective exploration of what home truly signifies to each of us individually, let us probe together the intricate dynamics that define our sense of belonging and the meaning we attribute to the notion of home.

Khushboo Jain is a feminist, researcher and human rights activist, located in India and Germany.

The talk will be in English. If you need translation, please let us know until the June, 26th at

contact: International Women’s Café on facebook or Instagram